Experience as Arbitrator/Mediator/Conciliator/Expert


1993, increasingly often in the last few years


Germany, Switzerland, USA

Number of cases:

46 legal processes, 17 arbitration cases, 25 mediation cases (6 as an internal representative for one of the parties), 3 arbitrator's expert opinion, 1x witness expert in an arbitration]; additional experience as the chairman of the board of arbitrators

Value of the dispute :           

up to $80 million USD

Fields of law


(Type of dispute):

Intellectual property rights (license agreements, patent purchase agreements, software or hardware purchase agreements, research contracts and development contracts: material defects and defects of title, defaults in payment, personal differences), patent infringement disputes, corporate law (transfer of shares of a private limited company)

Average duration of legal processes :

7 weeks – 6 months

Result of processes:

37 settlements, 1 process closed due to the death of one of the parties, 
1 process closed because parties refused to go through mediation, 6 arbitration decisions


German, English